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Shalshelet haKabbalah

Title page of Gedaliah Ibn Yahya, Shalshelet ha-Kabbalah (Venice: 1587). [Library of Congress]

"Time Past:

Memory and the Medieval among Renaissance Jews"

Click here to hear the lecture given at UCLA's Center for Jewish Studies, May 18, 2008.

Courses Fall 2009

Course Syllabi History of the Jewish People I
  The Jew and the City
  Reading Modern Hebrew
  Readings in Early Modern Jewish History (graduate)



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Jewish Studies Professors and the Community: A Response Shofar (2006)
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Anti-Semitism and Jewish Responses
  The Construction of Jewish Knowledge (MS Word Format)
  The Construction of Jewish Knowledge (2-day per week syllabus)
  History of the Jews in Early Modern Times
  History of the Jewish People II
  The Modern Jewish Experience in Film
  Readings in Medieval Jewish History
  The City: Medieval to Modern
  History and Critical Theory
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