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The Jew and the City
HIST 286/JWST 275

Grading and Requirements

Click on the highlighted due dates to see a description of the assignment.

Percentage of grade Assignment or requirement Assignment dates
10% Preparation for, and participation in, class sessions  
15% Mid-term exam 10/3
32% Eight brief assignments

Homework #1 due 9/2
Homework #2 due 9/7
Homework #3 due 9/12
Homework #4 due 9/14
Homework #5 due 9/16
Homework #6 due 9/19
Homework #7 due 10/12
Homework #8 due 11/11

15% Position Paper 10/21
15% Final paper Due 12/9
15% Take-home final exam Due in Dr. Cooperman's office by 10:00 pm, 12/21
Extra Credit:

There are a fair number of opportunities to earn extra credit over the course of the semester by handing in projects on specific topics.  Each project can earn the student up to 3 percentage points towards the final grade.  Students may hand in as many of these projects as they wish.   Click here to see extra credit assignment descriptions.

Tracking (exams and home work assignments you have completed so far).